Japanese hospitality at its best

Let's meet locals and Japanese families during your stay in Japan!
Interacting with the locals is the real pleasure of study abroad and traveling.
Homing allows you to great experience the cultures with locals all over Japan.
By staying with Host family,  you help make the world a better place.
We are happy if Homing's homestay can help for you have unforgettable and unique experiences. 
With Aupair
With Aupair

They are just like real brothers!

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Playing card game
Playing card game

We all played cards together.

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Try cook Japanese cuisine.

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With Aupair
With Aupair

They are just like real brothers!

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The reason why Homing is chosen

Choosing from6 Plans

With Homing, according to your needs you can choose from 6 plans.
And each  programs can be personalized.


Great Host Family SNS

We have a host family SNS community.
Host families can exchange information, making your stay more comfortable.


Good support system

At Homing, we respect your privacy. And our support system is substantial, we do our best to support during your stay.


Affordable price

Overall construction cost performance is good  even if reliable customer support.
And we have au pair system that scarce in Japan.

Our Philosophy
Beyond borders but within your reach

Homestay experience is  firsthand the true Japanese culture as it has by the locals.
The goal of homestay placement is to build relationships that foster cross cultural harmony and understanding.
Our vision is to build relationships that different cultures understand each other.

About me
Greetings from Homing's representative
​Hiroko Tamura

This is Hiroko Tamura, director of Homing.
When I was high school student, I did homestay. That experience became a most precious memory for my life and I decided to become a host family if I had a family.
I have hosted more than 120 guests from 25 countries.
This host experience taught me that I feel fulfilled when I support foreigners. 
What made me want to start Homing is many people will have such a wonderful experience and foreigners and Japanese build lifelong relationships that foster cross cultural harmony and understanding.

Homing Story

Founded in 2020 by host-mother industry veterans Hiroko Tamura.
I have hosted more than 120 guests so far in 25 countries.
It is important to us that staying with a locals should be more than an travel to be consumed.
For our guests, Japan is no longer just a travel destination but it is where their new families lives.