Plan & Fee

These programs are  great opportunity to experience real life in Japan and become part of a family.

 We accept PayPal for the payment only.

Home Visit

(One day stay)

You can enjoy the experience of Japanese culture at a Host family's home. This is one day program without lodging.

¥4,000 per one day

per person

Long stay (8 days - 6 months)

This is a long stay (8 days or more) program.This program can be useful if you are going to school or company training.

We recommend this if you want to stay long time with Host family in Japan.


¥4,000 per one night

per person

One night stay

This is an overnight program. During your stay, you can experience Japanese life and culture. You can enjoy wonderful international exchange with Host family.

¥5,000 per one night

per person

Short stay

(2 nights-7 nights)

You can choose from 2 to 7 nights stay. Spending several days together with Host family,  you will be able to understand the culture and lifestyle of each other's countries.

¥4,000 per one night

per person

エミリー (14).jpg

Stay as an Au Pair

(More than 1week)

Au pair is not well known in Japan. Also,that system hasn't been established yet. So even if you become an au pair, you won't be able to get rewards from the host, but instead you can stay free.

Stay fee is free,but you can stay up to 3months stay as an au pair.

Au Pair Style Plan

By helping with simple housework within an hour a day, it is able to do homestay available at low cost.

¥40,000 yen a month by helping with simple housework. 


Japanese culture experience
You can experience Japanese culture at a local house.

You can enjoy traditional culture that cannot enjoy at any other tour spot.

¥5,000 per person

コディ&オーウェン (13).JPG

Arrangement Fee

Arrangement fee 

※Stay as an Au Pair's arrangement  fee is 10,000 yen per 1 month, but up to 30,000 yen
​Even if you stay less than 1 month, you have to pay at least 10,000 yen
However, you do not have to pay additional fees even if you extend your stay

※Arrangement fee for Home visit, One night and Japanese culture experience program is free.

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