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Japanese hospitality at its best

Let's meet locals and Japanese families during your stay in Japan!
Interacting with the locals is the real pleasure of study abroad and traveling.
Homing allows you to great experience the cultures with locals all over Japan.
By staying with Host family,  you help make the world a better place.
We are happy if Homing's homestay can help for you have unforgettable and unique experiences. 
Why Homing is chosen

Variety, Safety 

and Comfort


With Homing, according to your needs you can choose from 6 plans.
And each  programs can be personalized.

At Homing, we respect your privacy. Our due diligence allows us to guarantee your safety.  


We choose only host families who can provide you with quality rooms and Japanese life.

High quality customer service


We have a host family SNS community.
Host families can exchange information, making your stay more comfortable.

Our support professional is veteran host mother, so we can give you the sound advice based on that experience.
And we always here to help keep your Japanese life smoothly. 

Affordability and 

​Demi pair Plan


Overall construction cost performance is good  even if reliable customer support.
With cost as one of the primary reasons foreigners (including tourist and students) book a homestay, we kept our fees affordable, with discounts for longer stays.

And we have Demi pair system that scarce in Japan.

Enjoy Homestay life

Our Philosophy

Beyond borders but

within your reach

Japanese Host mother

Homing Story

Greetings from

Homing's representative

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