FAQ for Guests

Pricing and Fees

How much is homestay fee?

◆Home Visit ​(One day stay) ¥4,000 per one day per person No meals. But meals may be served depending on the host family. Stay time is about 6-8 hours. ◆Japanese culture experience ¥5,000 per person No meals. ※Japanese culture experience plan costs¥ 5,000 yen per person and no meals. The time to stay at Japanese home depends on your experience.
On Japanese culture experience plan you should check this before booking as there may be additional charges associated depends on your experience and you'll need to arrange payment. ◆One night stay ¥5,000 per one night per person With two meals ◆Short stay (2 nights-7 nights) ¥4,000 per one night per person Two meals a day ​◆Long stay (8 days - 6 months) ¥4,000 per one night per person Two meals a day ◆Stay as an Au Pair(More than 1week) Stay fee is free,but you can stay up to 3months stay as an au pair. Stay as an Au Pair's arrangement fee is ¥30,000 Three meals a day ※Let us know you'd like to extend your stay,at least one month before.

How much is homestay arrangement fee?

Arrangement fee
※Stay as an Au Pair's arrangement fee is ¥30,000 ※Arrangement fee for Home visit, One night and Japanese culture experience program is free.

When and how do I pay for Homing?

We accept PayPal for the payment only. Your card will be charged once your Hostfamily is decided and your homestay program is confirmed.

We currently do not support bank transfers, convenience store payments, or cash payments.

When should I apply for a homestay?

Please apply by at least 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival date.
I would appreciate if you could apply as soon as possible in order to allow Homing enough time to arrange the best possible homestay matching your needs.

Can I pay my host for my homestay?

No, please note that all payments for homestay fee and all other payments must be paid directly to the Homing office.
Homing will not be responsible to refund any money or fee paid directly to host.

About Hosts

Will I have a private bathroom?

There is usually one bath in one house in Japan.
In Japan, the toilet and the bath are located separately.
Homing does not guarantee a private bathroom unless it has been booked and is shown in your Contract.

What is the primary language spoken in the house?

Japanese will be the primary language spoken by the Host Family during your stay.

Are there other foreign students in the household?

The typical house in Japan is not very big, so it is rare to stay with other students or guests. However, Host Families are not restricted from accepting additional guests during your stay with them.

How can I report if something is wrong after I get to the homestay?

If you're having issues contacting your host directly you can contact us. We will be available to address any problems, concerns or questions that may arise.

Do all homestays have wireless internet?

No, but many do. If Host Family’s has wireless internet,you can use it. But guests must not download illegal or inappropriate content using their Host Family’s internet service. The Host Family has the authority to restrict or revoke your internet privileges if you are not using the internet responsibly.

Can I contact hosts before bigining homestay?

Yes. After you and your host family have matched,
you can contact wtih your hostfamily before meeting.

Other questions

Who is Homing?

Homing is founded by host-mother industry veterans Hiroko Tamura.
Homing is informed and responsible global community rooted in mutual respect and solidarity.
Homing seek to accomplish this mission through a opportunities in homestays.

From what age can we participate in the homestay program?

Only Home Visit ​(One day stay)&Japanese culture experience programs are open to students under the age of 18.
We don't have child rate.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Please make sure you purchase adequate insurance to cover all eventualities eg. illness, accidents, theft.

What do I do,if I want to change host families after begining stay?

Usually, requests to change Host Families after you begin the homestay are not granted. However,if there is a problem, Homing works with the student and Host Family to solve. When requesting a Host Family change or move,guests may be a charge for new arrangements.

Will my personal information be safe?

At Homing, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Your email address, name and any other information you provide, such as address and phone number, are held in strict confidence. Homing does not sell, rent, lease or give away your personal contact information to any outside or third party for marketing purposes.

Why are photos important?

Photos are the first impression the host will have of you. The more complete image you are able to present via photos, the better understanding the host will have of you and your potential homestay. Therefore, please submit as clear photos as you make your profile stand out.

Do you provide a shuttle from the airport to host-family house? How much does it cost?

We have one-way pick-up service from the airport(Narita or Haneda) to your homestay.   One-way JPY20,000+Tax
※Our staff will pick you up at the airport. Your transportation fee is included. Please note you will use public transportation. The staff will get on it with you, and take you to your homestay-house.

Who can participate?

We welcome anyone with an open mind who likes Japan and wants to learn more about Japan.
What is important is that all participants want to share and learn. We have a wide variety of host families. Our families are a mix of single-parent families, single professionals, roommates, couples. All these families make up our wide range of host families.
And we pride ourselves that people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world including families. ※You need your ID to participate.
If you don't have, you can't participate.

Can I extend my homestay?

Yes, we will be glad to help you extend your homestay.
If you would like to extend, please contact us by email to let us know how many more days you would like to stay.
Once we confirm the extension with your hostfamily, we will also e-mail you your invoice for your next homestay fee payment.
If your hostfamily is not available for the extension, we will inform you immediately and our staff can provide you a new homestay.
※If we cannot find your next host family, you cannot extend.
Please note that you are not permitted, under any circumstances, to deal directly with your host in regards to your extension. As per your homestay agreement, if you would like to extend, you must contact Homing directly.

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How many passengers can a car accommodate?


How do you count of children?

Under 12, 3 children are counted as 2 adults, 2 children are counted as 2 adults and 1 child is counted as 1 adult.*Infants are also counted in the total no. of passengers.

Can I request a child seat?

No. We are sorry we don't have a child seat.

Can a car carry large sized luggage?

It depends on the luggage size and the no. of passengers. The normal sedan taxi has a fuel tank in its trunk, so please be advised that the trunk is smaller than of a normal car.

How early do I have to make a reservation?

The customer is requested to complete booking process (with payment) 7 days before the tour date at the latest.
During high seasons (spring and fall in Japan), all of the cars in our stock usually get reserved, so please make a reservation well before hand.

Can I change the starting time on the day?

It is not possible to change the starting time at short notice.

Do I have to bring anything for get in the car?

The driver will welcome you holding a board with the guest's name at the arrival/ ticket gate. If the pick-up place is not the arrival/ ticket gate, we will notify the guest in advance.

What if I am running late for the meeting time?

The driver will wait max. 30min if the plane is being delayed. If you are running late due to personal reasons and we can't contact you within 30min of the meeting time, your reservation will be cancelled. If we can contact you,we will wate for you.