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​Fee and Payment

For the safety and ease of both the guest and host, payments each month are done through Homing. The guest sends the payment to Homing, then Homing passes it to the host.The homestay fee is charged monthly.  

Price Plans

The price consists of a arrangement fee and a price per person per night. 

The arrangement fee is ¥20,000 (about 175 USD) for one person. If you book for more than one person another ¥10,000 Yen (about 85 USD) per person will be added. 10% Japanese VAT will be added to the final price.

※Stay as a demi pair's arrangement fee is ¥30,000(about 260 USD)

※Arrangement fee for Home visit, One night and Japanese culture experience program is free.


¥4,000 per one day per person with one meal or a light meal .

Staying time is about 6-8 hours.

We love cat!

¥4,000 per one night per person

Two meals a day


¥5,000 per one night per person

With two meals

アミル料理 (2).JPG

Stay as a Demi Pair

(More than 1week)

Stay fee is free,but you can stay up to 3months stay as a demi pair.

Stay as a demi pair's arrangement fee is ¥30,000

Three meals a day

※Let us know you'd like to extend your stay, at least one month before.


¥4,000 per one night per person

Two meals a day


¥5,000 per person

No meals.

※Japanese culture experience plan costs¥ 5,000 yen per person and no meals.

Price datail

Homestay Details and Conditions

2 meals (breakfast and dinner) and pay for electricity and water charges are included in the homestay fees.
A private bedroom with a desk and bed or Futon will be available for your own use. Washroom facilities including the bathroom and other areas are shared with your host family. 
You will be responsible for paying for your purchases of everyday items and goods. (Any expenses other than what is included in the homestay)


An invoice will be sent to you by Homing around the 5th of each month.
Please make the payment by paypal or bank transfer, in Japanese Yen (JPY) to the specified bank account by the 15th of the preceding month. 

You are responsible for all bank transfer handling fees at the time of payment.

If your stay will start the same day you arrive in Japan, then you'll need to make your payment before arriving in Japan to meet the payment deadline. 

 payments work

【 Bank Transfer】

If you don’t have a credit card to pay by Paypal, please contact us.

You can make payments by credit card.
*Paying by credit card is convenient and very fast. Paypal charges a 3.6% fee per payment (we'll add the 3.6% fee to the total), so be aware of this. Notify us by E-mail that you'd like to pay by Paypal.

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