​What's Home Visit?

 One day program without lodging.​

Have you ever visited a Japanese home? Do you want to have a Japanese host family? Our home visit program is a great opportunity to experience real life in Japan and become part of a family in Japan. 

Japanese mom!
Japanese mom!

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Coming-of-age ceremony
Coming-of-age ceremony

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Enjoying karaoke♪
Enjoying karaoke♪

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Japanese mom!
Japanese mom!

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Merit of Home Visit

​・You can enjoy a family environment at a Japanese house, even if you don't have enough time for a full home stay.

・Home visit experience gives you a Japanese home environment in a short time.

・Through this experience, you will be able to make local friends and family in Japan.

・If you are studying Japanese, you will have the opportunity to speak a lot of Japanese.

〔Host family〕

・This plan is without lodging, so even if host families don't have no guest rooms, they can invite guests.(Many Japanese houses do not have guest rooms)
・Host families who want to enjoy international exchange can get a chance to interact with foreigners at home.
・This plan is one-day plan, so even people living alone or busy can easily make international exchanges.

About Home Visit Plan   FAQ(Basics)
1.How much is the cost?

 We accept PayPal for the payment only.

¥4,000 per one day per person  7 years and over

 ※0 to 6 years: free

2.What is Included in the Home Visit Fees?

Homestay Registration/Application Fees

 Arrangement fee for Home visit is free.

Transportation fee (from your hotel or house to host family house) is not included.

3.When should I book?&What Happens Before the Home Visit?

Applying for the Home Visit→Filling out our Application form→Counseling→

We choose your Host family→We will inform you about your Host family→

Deposit the fees→We will send you an information→Communication with Hosts

Feel free to personalize this offer with your host family.(Including meals or not)

Please make a reservation at least 10 days in advance.

At Umihotaru
Farewell party
Calligraphy experience with Kids
Enjoying family's company
Playing jenga
Try flower arrangement
At Conveyor belt sush restaurant
At Asakusa
How to spend Home Visit?
Why Homing?
Cooking together

Let's enjoy cooking  together!

What kind of Japanese food do you like?

Let's play Shogi,

a Japanese board game!

Play shogi

Let's go shopping together!

Wonder if you can find a bargain ?

Homing is a start-up independent contractor and runs alone, so we don't need labor costs, so it enables less operational costs compared to other fellow big companies.

Instead, the functions or services in the website might not be as satisfied as other bigger websites adding to the different scales.
But we'll do my best, so thank you in advance for working with us.