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How to book

Homing specializes in providing international students and travelers with the opportunity to experience language immersion through Japanese Homestay. 
Please contact us if you're interested in utilizing Homing to find you the perfect match! 


STEP1 Filling out our Application form

Please enter all information accurately.
Describing in detail who you are to our hosts.  
The more personalized details, the better the response.
You will decide when you would like to start your homestay and how long you will stay.

STEP2 Counseling and make an arrangement

We will ask you some questions to give you about your homestay. Please reply us and you must include a copy of an ID with your photo. We send you the invoice (it has all the cost related details.)

You deposit the homestay arrangement  fee.

STEP3 Homestay Matching  You & host family

We start our search of family that best matches your wishes.

Around 1 to 3 weeks before your stay begins, your Host Family is decided. (It may not be found)

How to Book

STEP1 Your Host Family is decided

After matching, we will inform you about your host family.

(About host gender, age, family members, house location)
We will send you the host family detail information, once we confirm your payment. (After receive the homestay fees)

STEP2 Meeting information

We will inform you when and where you will meet your host family.
If you want, you can book a transfer from the airport (Narita and Haneda only) for 20,000 Yen. Our staff will take you from the airport to your host family's nearest station using public transportation.(Transportation fee is include)

STEP3 Your Great Homestay experience start!

The host family will meet you at the nearest station or their house when you arrive. 
When meeting at the station your host will guide you to their home from the station.


Enjoy your Japanese homestay!

Meet Hostfamily
How to make a Booking
Meet your host family!
Host Review

Host Family Review

The variety of plans offered caught my interest!

It's a good point to be able to choose a plan that matches us from variety of plans.

I 'm glad that we were able to support international students who had a hard time with COVID-19.

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