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One night Stay・Short Stay・Long Stay

If you are interested to know what Japanese life style more, we have a whole lot of suggestions.
It’s one in a million chance for tourists and students to not only mingle with the locals but also become a part of a family. 


One night Stay

This is not your usual tourist accommodation.

By staying with Japanese families for one night, you can experience the culture, customs, language and more.
It’s an opportunity to meet local people, see how they live, and learn a bit more about the local communities . 
And let's try some home-cooked food.

The reasons why the host family like to host foreign guests at their home, it's mainly about being able to spend their evenings learning about the world through the various nationalities who pass through and share a home-cooked meal.

Short Stay 
2 nights- 7nights

It is still better that if you have a bit more time, you will stay a couple of days with host family.

You can also take the opportunity of a homestay to experience some other parts of local life. You are more than welcome to help with the shopping or the cooking, if that’s the kind of thing that interests you. 
An opportunity like a homestay in Japan is really true local experience. 


Long Stay
8 days to up to 1 year

Long homestay is the best way to truly know the Japanese people, understand their way of life and immerse in their culture. And with this plan, you will have the opportunity to try out the Japanese with host family. By spending time with host family speaking their native language, you will be able to speak more practical Japanese.

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