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About Japanese Culture Experience


We are so glad you are interested in our unique culture. 
Japanese Culture experience is a great way to learn about Japan. 
The experience of Japanese Culture at host family's home will be something you treasure for life.
You will meet special people as you spend time in this fascinating country.
Through this experience, we wish we could live in a society that accepts all the variety of cultures.

Experience traditional Japanese culture with locals!

What would you like to experience in Japan? 

The experiences we can offer now are follows:

Kimono or Yukata wearing experience 
Karate・Shrine visit
Calligraphy・Etegami(Hand drawn postcards)
Preserved flower arranging・Tea ceremony
Japan’s old pastimes
Shogi・Japanese drum
Pottery experience・Flowing somen 

Kimono dressing
Manju cooking
Japanese drum
Japanese summer festival
Japanese sweets and Green tea
Pottery experience
How do I book a Japanese culture with Homing?

①Choose Amazing Japanese Culture experience

After your choosing, begin by submitting a Homestay Application so that we can match you with a host family based on your destination, selected Japanese culture, and requested services.

Click Here to go the Application page.

②​Once your application has been submitted, we will send you an email to confirm your application has been received and request any missing information.
We will ask you some questions to give you about your request. ​


③We choose your Host family who available on the dates you suggested.

We will do the best to find Host family who suits your request. 

④We will let you know once your Host Family is decided.
And we will send you the invoice and about your Host family information, once we confirm payment. 

⑤After your request is confirmed, you’ll be able to get your hostfamily's e-mail address and phone number. 
You can contact your hostfamily directly before the meeting day, and enjoy your experience!

Inclusions & Exclusions

What‘s included
Application Fees and your Experience Fees

What‘s not included
transportation fee (to host family house)
meals and drinks

About Japanse Culture Plan   FAQ(Basics)

1.How much is the cost?
¥5,000 per person  7 years and over
 ※0 to 6 years: free

2.Do we experience Japanese culture at the host family's home?
Depending on your experience, it may hold at other places.
However, Homing aims to enjoy international exchange at the host family's house, so you can interact with the host at the host family's house before or after the experience.

3.How much time are we allowed in an experience?
It depends on the Japanese culture experience.
Usually, it takes about 2-3 hours.
It is always better to have enough time for good conversation and any unexpected with your host. 


4.​Do you allow small children?
Yes, we do. 
But depending on the content, children may not be able to do.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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