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Stay as a Demi Pair   by Homing system


Demi pair system is not well known and hasn't been established yet in Japan. 
So even if you become a demi pair by Homing, you won't be able to get rewards from the host, but instead you can stay free.
We would like to give our full support for your stay as a Demi Pair by Homing.


Work description (Concrete examples) ※It depends on the host famiy

オペア仕事 (12).jpg

・Taking care of children (changing clothes, brushing teeth, feeding food, etc.)
・Play with children (take them to the park, play indoors, etc.)
・Other housework assistance (room cleaning, laundry)

・Take the child in the bath (if necessary)

・Prepare meals for host family

・Grocery shopping
・Take care of pets

※It is important to listen carefully to your work content when interviewing, as the work content changes depending on the family.


Requirements for demi pairs 

・You are at least 20 and no more than 30 years old.    
(In exceptional cases, applicants may receive the visa up to the age for 30.

For further information we recommend to get in touch with the responsible Japanese embassy)
・You have sufficient funds (100,000 yen) to support yourself during the first days of your stay in Japan and you are able to afford the flight to and from Japan.    

・Must have taken out a valid insurance before coming to Japan to cover illness and accident during your stay in Japan.
・Provide 10 hours of childcare or help for your hostfamily's house work a week.

・Must be able to stay for at least one week as a demi pair.(Up to 3 months)
・Not married and without children.    

・Must have a valid passport.
・Have interest in Japanese life-style and culture.
・Have a high school degree.
・Have no criminal record.
・Open to those who are good with children. 
・Non smokers.


Requirements for host families

・As a general rule for accept demi pair, our hostfamilies must have at least two persons household.

(There are exceptions)

・Must be able to accept demi pair stay for at least one week and up to 3 months.

(Depending on the type of visa you can stay longer than 3 months)
・Must provide an individual room and 2 meals for a day.
・Provide 10 hours of housework to demi pair per a week.
・Be able to give demi pair at least one full rest day per week
・Open to those who are good with foreigners. 
・Have interest in International exchange.
・Have no criminal record.


If you fulfil all the requirements, use the information below to find out more about entry requirements and the specific conditions for a demi pair stay in Japan!   

If you don't fulfil all the requirements, unfortunately you cannot be a demi pair. 
But we have 6 plans according to your needs. So you can choose from other plans. Each programs can be personalized.

About demi pair contract by Homing
All the important information is presented here for demi pair in Japan.
Entry requirements for demi pairs
You can find the relevant information for organising demi pair stay in Japan.
How to apply

STEP1 Application
If you fulfil all the requirements to become a demi pair, please fill out the application form (entry sheet) and contact us.

STEP2 Interview
Based on the entry sheet you filled out, we will have an online interview.

STEP3 Looking for your host family and matching 
We will contact you as soon as we find your host family.
*It takes about 1 month to 6 months

STEP4 Sign a demi pair contract and create agreement document
We will create an agreement document after confirming the agreement between the host and demi pair regarding work content and stay conditions. Please sign there. This should include important details, such as duties, holidays and working hours and should give both sides more security and help to avoid misunderstandings. 

After creating the agreement document, demi pair and host can contact each other.

Arrangement fee 

10,000 yen per 1 apply
​※Even if you stay less than 1 month, you have to pay at least 10,000 yen
However, you do not have to pay additional fees even if you extend your stay

Arrangement fee intentionally fixed.

Since we don't get any rewards from host family, but matching and finding host work takes a great deal of time. Therefore this arrangement fee is just to cover operation costs.

About Japanese Language School or Japanese courses

With our Demi Pair program, you only have 10 hours a week to do housework.

So you will have enough time to study Japanese.
Studying at a Japanese language school is the best way to learn correct Japanese.

We will assist incoming Demi Pairs in finding affordable Japanese School or Courses.

There are no commission charges. 

We are continually researching and updating our host country information, but cannot guarantee that all material provided is complete and correct. If you notice gaps or inaccuracies, we would like to hear from you.

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